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Oneiric is a puzzle-platformer game aimed to participate in the GitHub Game Off 2018 game jam. The chosen theme was 'Hybrid', so we decided to create something based on some of our favorites 2D/2.5D games regarding this genre: Inside, Limbo and Little Nightmares, but with the added mechanic of having two natures within the same character, making him a half human and half lifeless shell (hence our interpretation of 'Hybrid').

GitHub: https://github.com/ShielderJohn/Oneiric


  • Juan Escudero  (Art, Programming)
  • Francisco Puertas (Design, Programming)


I would like to mention that my teammate (Francisco Puertas) and me (Juan Escudero) are both programmers, so we did our best in terms of Art and Design, as we are far from having real experience in those areas (but we had a lot of fun doing it!).


Oneiric_32bit.zip 150 MB
Oneiric_64bit.zip 153 MB


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A kiss for you

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Similar to Inside

Nice! :)

I loved your game and loved the mechanics too I can't be as you are when it comes to be fair.  

Some best points about your game:

1.Really cool graphics and a lot for one month development

2. Challenging as due to tricky puzzles to solve.

3. Very educative as every time I fail and repeat I learn something which I should be careful of.

Downsides ;

1. Games as these should be more happy looking than those of the dark environment. The reason is simple as this game is challenging I have to try the same level many times as you punishing me as soon as I fall in to the gas.

2. According to point 1 I feel depressed and bad getting punished  again  and again and again time I feel like stopping the play. 

3. Seems similar to The game named INSIDE i played which mentioned down so I think you have added little efforts in making the plan and idea for the game as it is already there.  

Really boring and creates a lot depression after hours of play as there is no interactive environment and user friendly wondering is not done instead that dark theme and solving puzzle makes me sad and feel very bad. 

Here is the game that is exactly the same as you did 😑.


You can. Play that game and I feel you should surely know this earlier. Sad seeing the exact game with few changes made so the game is no interesting to play  as I have played INSIDE many times.

We love Inside, it is one of our inspirations! Thanks for noticing the similarities, that was our intention :)

I am a back end developer too using PHP and MySQL. If you need help in implementing one, just ping me 😁

I don't fully understand the whole ethereal "nature" . I would have thought that is what lets you run through the gas without being hurt. 


That was one of the initial mechanics we thought of, but as we were getting closer to finish the jam, we started to simplify things in order to be able to submit the game :S

It needs more polishing in general, thanks for your feedback! :)


So, I raged pretty hard at this game. But I don't think it was because of something intentional. The jump animation requires that you wait a pretty lengthy amount of time before being able to do it again, and since this is a platformer, it completely kills any real sense of flow that you could have when moving through the game, especially the timed sections. Pair that with the fact that you are punished with a room restart from touching the gas, it just makes for a really frustrating time. The art and sound, while minimal, do a good job of creating an off-putting atmosphere though. I'd love to give this another go when the game's platforming is a bit better.


Thanks for playing! You are completely right about the jump animations. At first, we tried to create a pretty polished movement, trying to use nice animations and give a realistic feel to the game but, as it is a Game Jam, we finished having almost no time for polishing '-.-

We appreciate your review and we will try to fix this asap! :)